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Evening Delights at Spaccanapoli Restaurant, Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Last night I was invited to enjoy evening delights at crowne plaza. Absolutely amazed by their decked out dessert night paired with free-flow prosecco! Here are some tips to setting up an awesome dessert table just like Crowne Plaza’s evening delights. Be sure to check them out for yourself to get some inspiration.

Evening Delights take place every Wednesday from 6pm-11pm.
AED 155 net dessert buffet and grape beverages AED 230 net with a choice of main course.

8 Tips to an Awesome Dessert Table

Location – Pick a place in the room where you can set up the elaborate dessert table. At evening delights, they set up their dessert tables right in the middle of the room. I love that it is the focal point of the room. Make sure its easily accessible and fairly spacious for guests.

Set a Theme – Decide on a color or theme for your event. Use of fabrics such as table cloths and drapes can set the color for the table. Last night, I found it very clever of them to use portable LED color lamps to set the different colors at the various tables. It was especially fitting for an dim-lit evening event that set the mood in the restaurant meanwhile providing dreamy lighting for the desserts.

Level & Heights – consider using tiers and platforms to create different heights. This will make the dessert table look fuller and more appealing. Heights will allow the guest’s eyes to flow through your dessert table. I loved the dessert presentation on evening delights 7-tier stand. It was elegant and created the height to wow the guests. However, you can use other types of items to create height in your table such as bowls, boxes, décor items where you can steadily place a plate of dessert on. Last night they used their cool LED lamps to create different heights for their desserts.

Trays & Containers – Use of different size trays and containers can add more variety to your dessert table. It creates more uniqueness to the dessert and enhances the presentation. I love desserts that have unique containers to them such as a mini cup or a square glass.  This is especially fitting for desserts such as mousses or puddings.

Symmetry – Its important to maintain a balance to the dessert table so that your desserts look the most appealing to your guests. At evening delights, they had a cluster of 4 main tables but made sure that all of them had an equal height to it.  Each table had a similar number of desserts available to maintain the balance. As well, I noticed their chef had presented each dessert offering in an even number which makes the plating look complete.

Ambience – besides the lighting, the colors and the table setting, the music can be an important aspect to an amazing dessert table. Pick music that will go with your theme and allow for conversation to flow in your room. I enjoyed romantic Italian music by the live-solo-guitarist who played for us as guests indulged in the evening delights. Antonio D’Acierno plays at Spaccaonapoli Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm onwards.

Variety of Desserts – having a wide range of options of desserts is a must for an amazing dessert table. The chefs at evening delights have curated the dessert menu to satisfy all dessert cravings– ranging from of course all sort of cakes, to mousses, meringues, fruits and even different sauces!  They perfect each dessert down to the tiny detail of the icing flower and the pearls on top.

Cheers – Having great drinks to pair with the desserts is the cherry on top. We enjoyed free-flow of prosecco, red and white wines with our evening delights. What a splendid combination I will most definitely be back for.




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