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JW Steakhouse, Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi, UAE

My husband and I had an AMAZING night experiencing the Chef’s Tasting Menu at JW Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi. As foodies, I was entirely impressed with their choice of new dishes, exciting bold flavors, extravagant presentation and incorporating many fun elements of surprise.  Although we were invited to try out the tasting menu with their drink pairings, I would most definitely come again and recommend this place and menu to make any night SPECIAL. Be advised to prepare your stomach and liver for the night as there are 8 courses WITH 9 fantastic alcoholic beverage pairings! 

Experience the Chef’s Tasting Menu at JW Steakhouse at Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi for 250 AED per person food only
or 350 AED per person with beverage pairing. Table bookings recommended 023047777.

Chef Stephan and his Team will take you on a culinary journey you will never forget. 

Course 1: Heirloom Tomato and Burrata – paired with Tomato Gin Fizz with Basil


There were so many variations of tomatoes on this plate. I did not even know green and yellow tomatoes existed. They still tasted very fresh and so good with the burrata. We did get a pleasant surprise with this dish as one of the items in the dish is disguised as another! You will have to try this out for yourself to find out more!
The Tomato Gin Fizz pairing was fantastic. The drink came in a light green tone so I did not expect it to have such bold flavor to it. We really enjoyed this one and asked our mixologist for the recipe!

Course 2: Lump Crab Cake – paired with cucumber and Lime spritzer

This little dish came in such a beautiful presentation. They had lovely cucumber ribbons around the crab cake and few drops of avocado sauce. It was surprisingly filling with all the real crab meat in it (it was such a difference to the simulated crab meat that is mostly used in Chinese dishes).

The pairing was so refreshing. It complimented the crab cake very well.

Course 3: Seafood Bisque  – paired with Carrot and ginger beer

By this course is when it starts to get a little heavier. The seafood bisque was quite rich and super flavorful. They also incorporated a few elements of surprise with this dish and I really enjoyed the unconventional presentation using the stones.

This was paired with the carrot and ginger beer. Both the dish and the drink had so much flavor to it. Your tastebuds will start to kick in high gear. I enjoyed the taste of this drink, but appreciated the smaller portion of the drink as well.

Course 4: Slow Braised Beef Cheek Tortellini paired with Zinfandel, USA

Next was a highly anticipated part of the meal. I really enjoy my tortellini! The beef cheek filling was one I had never tried before in a tortellini dish. I am so glad this menu had so many new items and combinations that were new to me. The dish came in what I thought to be a small portion but boy, it was enough! With all the small dishes and pairings, it really starts to add up. I also really enjoyed the granny smith shavings they garnished the dish with.

This dish was paired with a Zinfandel, originally I had thought it was going to be a Zinfandel rose but to my surprise this is came in a red. My husband really enjoyed this pairing while I am always a fan of white wines (but wait, there is more.)

Course 5: Loch Fine Salmon paired with Gewurztraminer, USA

Before we head to the main course, we were presented with a beautiful plate of salmon. It had a pistachio crust all along the top and had green pea paste with some mint and citrus. The pistachio crust was amazing! I had never thought to combine a crust like that to salmon. The combination works! The portion size was pretty large considering we already had 5 courses. I was struggling to finish my plate at this point.

I really enjoyed the pairing for this one as it was a white wine to compliment the fish. A great and classic pick indeed.

Course 6: Kettyles Northern Irish Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus 28 days dry aged – paired with Cedar wood smoked Black Bramble

We finally made it to 6 courses, the main attraction being the delicious steak! I opted to have mine at medium rare while my hubby opts for rare every time. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the rare steak a lot better. The steak was so soft and tender, I thought it was more juicy and flavorful too! Next time rare is the way to go for me.

It was paired with the black bramble which was made right in front of our eyes at the trolley bar cart right at our table. This drink, served in a copper mug, was a bit sweeter and I thought it reminded me of another type of cocktail. I would have imagined the steak to be served with a type of red wine.

Palette Cleanser: Red Cabbage Sorbet paired with Cranberry and Shiso Cosmo

The sorbet was not a course but more of a palette cleanse. I really love it when the chefs incorporate a palette cleanse in the meals – it’s so professional! The red cabbage sorbet was so extraordinary. It is exactly as it sounds, red cabbage but in sorbet form! My husband really loved it! I enjoyed the presentation even more – presented on an actual block of ice – that’s cool!

I enjoyed the the cosmo drink as a drink itself. It was sweet and easy to drink. I think I actually ended up drinking my hubby’s cosmo as well! You know girls love their cosmo’s! However, I thought the drink was a bit too sweet to be paired with the red cabbage sorbet. As a palette cleanse I’d prefer something mild that could keep my palette ready for the next course.

Course 7: Selection of Cheese – paired with Port Wine, Portugal

The cheese course seriously required an extra table to be added. First came the barrel of port wine (Yes, A BARREL). Then came a selection of their jams and fruits. Next, a log of wood with baguettes. Lastly the cheese – 5 pieces, placed mild to strongest.  I really appreciated the selection of their cheese and wide variety of jams and fruits. The baguettes presented on a log of wood was a nice touch to the presentation as well. I can definitely see JW Marriott really thought about their presentation and loves to incorporates so many unconventional elements.

The port wine was paired well with the strong cheese. Port wine is really strong and bold, I could never had more than 2oz of it usually.

Course 8: New York Cheese Cake – paired with Nederberg, Noble Late Harvest, South Africa

Lastly, I especially saved some room in my stomach for their A-M-A-Z-I-N-G new York cheese cake paired with a very sweet grape wine (similar to Ice wine). I had the cheesecake at other Marriott locations before and it is without a doubt the best baked cheese cake in town. I did not think they could really top this favorite of mine but Chef Stephan Benkendorff blew my mind with it. With this menu, the new York cheesecake is served as piece of artwork. The chef started with a block of glass and painted in front of us using sauces and fruit toppings. He completed the masterpiece with the exquisite JW Baked cheese cakes on top. The presentation was absolutely extraordinary – A for the Art and the taste… deserved the perfect score A+.





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