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Arrows & Sparrows Café, The Greens, Dubai

Ever since I came across some amazing #breakfastgoal snaps on instagram of this place, I knew I had to come for myself.
After a busy weekend, we came to arrows and sparrows for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Located in the Emaar business park area in dubai, we appreciated the free parking option they had next to their café.


1o’clock was truly a busy time for the café. Even in the midst of summer weather, the terrace was still bustling with people. A table near us opted to move to a table outside immediately once they spotted it was free. Would love to come back again in the winter to grab one of these in-demand tables.

Though, the café seating was great too. A dozen or more tables, we tried to get a table closest to the windows for the most natural lighting. With people coming in and out, the norm is to grab a seat at whichever table is free – free for all as they say it.

Their menu was quite simple and I quickly found the items I wanted to order. They specified clearly which dishes had nuts and were gluten free.  I had my eye on breakfast and I am glad they serve it until 3pm on weekends. Apart from breakfast options, they also serve sandwiches, salads, and main courses.


For our drinks, I opted for the matcha smoothie (22 dhs)– coconut milk, banana, matcha powder, spinach and vanilla syrup. I really tasted the creamy banana in mine and their presentation was so neat in a light bulb cup with a patterned straw. I really love these small details! My hubby had an iced mocha which hit the spot (19dhs). The baristas here worked fast and we already had our drinks served before we ordered our food. We also opted for some bottled water, but I think some detox water options in the morning at this café would work well. Specifically a small glass of lemon&cucumber water15 minutes before your first meal does WONDERS.

Breakfast Menu

Onto the main event – the breakfast items. I ordered the must-have acai-bowl (49dhs), the instagram worthy Dave’s French toast (39dhs) and the breakfast with colours (41 dhs).

I think this place has been so popular from their healthy offerings and their amazing presentation. When the dishes arrive, I seriously felt more cheerful inside from the colorful palette. The acai-bowl was quite large and it had so many toppings in it – homemade nutty granola, chia seeds, banana, berries, kiwi, dried fruits, peanut, honey and peanut butter! I’d love to start each day with this.

Next, I tried the breakfast with colours. Their presentation is really on point here. It looks like a piece of artwork with the smashed buttery green peas, quinoa, beetroot and berries. The two poached eggs were perfect and you could specify how well done you’d like your eggs. I love mine soft and gooey! Although this dish does not look too large, it’s a great size portion for breakfast. The eggs are served on a multi-grain toast with grilled halloumi.

Lastly, we had the drool-worthy Dave’s French Toast. As we ate our lunch, Dave, the co-owner, actually came by our table! I think we have similar tastes because this is exactly how I like my French toast too – topped with whip cream, Nutella sauce, fairy floss, pralines, coulis, banana, strawberries and torched marshmallows! It came with a side shot glass of chocolate syrup. I got a bit too happy drenching my toast in it.  Possibly there can be other syrup options like caramel, strawberry or even some maple syrup goodness😊.

The restaurant got less busy by 2:30pm and you could have a picking of whichever table you’d like. I’d definitely would love to see some all-day breakfast options in the future. Who wouldn’t want some Dave’s French toast for dinner?! I know I would.

I most definitely will be back to Arrows & Sparrows, I just saw that they do a latte in a cone! James was also a great server, I showed him a few instagram photos I saw online and he knew exactly which dish it was. Kudos to the owners, Dave and Zee.





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