Expat Tips for Living in UAE during Ramadan| Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims believe that this month is when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. It is the most Holy month in the calendar and during this month, Muslims do not consume food or water between their dawn and sunset prayers. In the U.A.E., everyone (including non-Muslims) are expected to refrain from drinking and eating in public areas as well.

As a non-Muslim new expat spending their first Ramadan in UAE, read on further for a few tips and where to join in on the festivities!

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3 Reasons an Expat Should Get VPN

3 Reasons an Expat should get VPN

Wherever your next destination is, technology is advancing at a rapid rate.  With countries around the world where internet traffic is monitored or in some cases, restricted, I recommend signing up for a VPN service.  Here are 3 reasons an expat should get VPN.


But first, what is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  In simple terms, it means that when you turn on your smartphone or laptop to access Facebook, you’re actually accessing Facebook from somewhere else in the world, not where you physically are (although that’s an option as well).  With a VPN service, you first connect to a server that’s located anywhere in the world, as long as your VPN provider has a server there.  Once enabled, any traffic that you’re sending, goes into that server and out of that server to hit wherever you initially wanted to go.


Read on to see how a VPN service can help you!

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Relocating with your Pet to UAE

Guide to Relocation with your Pet

Meet Dexter, he is a 3 year old chiweenie (chihuahua-wiener-dog). He is so happy to be reunited with us and enjoy the warmer weather! Relocating with your pet can be quite stressful for not only you but also your pet. It also takes a lot of planning prior to ensure your pet is healthy to travel and meet the import requirements.

Here is quick guide for those worrisome pet owners like me. Keep in mind Dexter is from Canada, so the requirements and costs from your home-country may be different.

3+ months prior to relocation:

(1) Research import-requirements from UAE – please go to Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to get the latest up to date copy of the requirements. These can change up to the day you import your pet and can impact whether your pet is eligible. There are a large list of breeds that are restricted from import to UAE. Also ensure your pet meets the age requirements.
(2)Meet with home-country veterinary to discuss relocation and schedule visits accordingly
(3) Get the required vaccinations (rabies vaccinations must be 1-year), (DHPP – 1 vaccine), (Lepto – 1 vaccine), (rabies blood titre test – ensure this is done 12 weeks prior to flight). COST $800 CAD Again, please check the MOCCOE Pet Package again on the required vaccinations as they may have changed.
(4) Research quotes on relocations. You can hire a service to help you with port to port (deliver your pet from your home to airport and from there to your home in UAE). The quotes for this service was at $4661, does not include vaccination fees, just import fees and flight. If you do not need this service you CAN do this yourself no matter what they tell you- ie deliver your pet to the airport, book the flight, pick up your pet from the Abu Dhabi Airport. Read on below for the cost associated for this and process to relocate your pet without a Hired Relocation Service.

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