DOT ON HER WAY is nominated for Versatile Blogger Award

I am so honored to be nominated for the versatile blogger award! DOT on her way has been growing so much thanks to the support of my community of bloggers and social media influencers. This award is a great way to encourage other bloggers to keep up the good work, appreciate their excellent writing skills, inspiration and help people discover new blogs.

Who Nominated Me?

I would love to thank Mirela, from The Classy Explorer for nominated my blog for this award. Having gone to over 50 countries, her posts inspire me to travel, plan explore and fly. I hope one day I will have covered that many countries myself. Check out her blog for some travel inspiration!

7 Random Facts about me

As acceptance of this nomination by Mirela, here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. If I could be any animal I would be a squirrel.
  2. I sleep more than 9 hours a day.
  3. I get motion sickness on airplanes and boats, but I love to travel!
  4. I like to drink my soda/pop flat.
  5. I think it is perfectly normal to eat cake for breakfast.
  6. I spend more time with my dog than my husband.
  7. My favorite color changes every year, this year it is yellow
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My Blog is Nominated for an Award!

It has only been less than a month when I have launched DOTonherway. Since I quit my career and moved to the UAE with my husband, I found this new liberating project. I learned a lot and am continually learning everyday about domains, SEO, hosting, readability, tags, plugins, and much more! It really is overwhelming (and I can see how it can be a full-time job)! I have also joined many blogging communities and was able to get so much support and tips from other bloggers.

Kristin is my new blogger friend who nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! Her blog, Diaries of an SG Dive Girl  focuses on dive tips, destinations and travels. When shes not at the Sea, you can find her on facebook at SG Dive Girl . Since I moved closer to the water, I have been dying to get my license and go scuba diving too! Please share with me your first-time diving experiences!

What is the Liebster Award?

This award is a virtual award well known among the blogging community. It is used to show support for fellow bloggers while allowing new blogs to be discovered.

Kristin provided me with 10 questions to answer on acceptance of this award. This is a great chance to get to know me a little better!


  1. What is your travel style? (Food, shopping, relaxed, luxury, adventure etc.)
    My ideal style is luxury travel! Business class flights, champagne service, and the suite life! My favourite was when I stayed at the St.Regis in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There was butler service devoted to each room. I felt so spoiled having them pack my luggage on my last day :P.
    Room Service Breakfast
    My husband on the other hand loves adventure, hes still been talking about back-packing through Europe. I don’t think I am fit enough for that type of travel tho! We did however recently go to Iceland with our good friends Shel and Bryan, we rented a car and drove through the entire country in 7 days chasing waterfalls and exploding mudpots.Mudpots and Steam vents in Iceland 


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Wallpaper Does Wonders – How to Hang Wallpaper

I am so in love with my new wallpaper! It revamped my bedroom, giving it a modern and classy look. This project costed me $28 for the wallpaper and around $10 for the supplies. My hubby and I hung it together and took 2.5 hours to cover our wall around 10ft high and 10ft wide.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to hang wallpaper.


(3)Exacto Knife
(4)Adhesive Brush
& at least 2 people
The adhesive I bought was the type that was clear and required no mixing with water. It was a lot cleaner to work with and this amount was just enough for  10ft by 10ft wall. It was around $6.99 CAD at Home Depot.
Adhesive brush was used to apply the adhesive to the wall. We had to make sure we applied a thick layer to the wall as thin layers dries up too fast. This was around $3.95 CAD at Home Depot. The only thing to make sure for next time is to get a brush that fits the size of the adhesive container.
I purchased 2 types of smoothers. The top one with felt was around $4 CAD and the yellow flat smoother was less than $2 CAD at Home Depot. In my opinion the yellow flat smoother was the better one to work with as it was easiest to use and make creases for the ends.
The wallpaper I purchased was a design from however, I purchased them from HOMESENSE. I was able to get a good deal on them because the packaging was open and some of the paper at the end was damaged so I asked for a discount at HOMESENSE. (1 roll at $9 and 1 roll at $16) Original price of these rolls are $49.99 CAD from and priced regularly at $24.99 CAD at HOMESENSE. They had many other types of patterns but it IS difficult to find the same pattern from the same store.
**TIP ** Choose wallpapers with a pattern as they will look better and creases between strips will be less noticeable.


***It is recommended to have 2 people to work on this project.***

Using a ladder we placed the wallpaper at the top and measured accordingly to what we needed. We had to ensure we left extra space at the top and bottom in case. Then we cut the wallpaper to the estimated amount so we do not have to work with the entire roll. Ensure you match up the pattern from strip to strip.
We applied the adhesive by brushing the glue from the top to the bottom in a thick even layer.
From the top downwards, hang the wallpaper and use the smoother to brush out the bubbles. The hardest part is matching up the patterns to ensure there are no creases in between the strips. For some of them it took a few tries for us to match up the pattern correctly.
STEP4: Lastly, use an exacto knife to cut off the ends from the ceiling and floor.


Take the cover off and cut a hole in the wallpaper where the output/lightswitch is. The edges do not have to be too neat as the covers will hide them.
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