My Weekend at Centro Barsha in Dubai

Centro Barsha by Rotana, Dubai, UAE

How lovely it was to stay at Centro Barsha by Rotana over the weekend. We were attending a concert in the area and had plans on doing a bit of shopping. Did you know Centro Barsha is only 500 metres away from the Mall of the Emirates and steps from the Metro?! What a perfect location. Although not in the main city center, Centro Barsha is a popular choice among locals, residents and tourists to Dubai.

Apart from its convenient location, I loved staying at Centro Barsha for it’s modern stylish accommodations and affordability. Read on further about my stay.

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Do you do these things during hotel Check-in?

Recently I stayed in Dubai at Amwaj Rotana. Let me know in the comments below if you can totally relate to my check-in experience!

10 Things to do when you Check-In to a Hotel:

  1. Shoes Off or On?! From a Chinese family I am always accustomed to taking my shoes off and putting on my slippers! Whee, branded Rotana slippers, I’m going take them home.. is that a crime?!
  2. Claim a side of the bed! I dibs it by putting my purse on it! Shall I jump on it?! no no.. I am an adult… maybe later when no ones around. 
  3. Check Out the View! Woo huge balcony!
  4. Scout through the hotel room products. Look through the Price-List. Wow look at all the free goodies! They have something called Vegetable Soap!!
  5. Determine where all the outlets are in the room. Good thing I have my trusty travel adapter. 
  6. Go Channel Surfing! Rotana has personalized TV dashboard with my name on it! 
  7. Look through all the drawers and closets, you never know what you find! (I’m just kidding I haven’t found anything ever) I love to use the safe to store my passport.
  8. Look through the provided booklets for the hotel amenities. I hope I brought my bathing suit.. steam room, sauna, jaccuzi, pool, OK ill have to make a day out of it. 
  9. Take off your clothes.  Some people love to lounge around in their underwear but I love to take a shower and wear the hotel branded bath robes! Now I feel fancy. 
  10. Take a nap. Maybe just a power nap… zzz
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Travelling to Nepal – What You Need to Know

A few weeks ago in January, I went on my first trip to Nepal. It was actually my first solo trip ever in my life without my husband and any friends. I am so glad I went on this trip and finally checked off another item off my bucket list. Travelling alone was a scary thought, but I am glad I chose Nepal as my first destination. It is a great place for solo female travellers. Although the streets can get pretty hectic and crowded, it is safe for tourists to travel to. There can be language barriers, but I was surprised to find that many store owners, and even children are able to communicate fluently in English. Thankfully I did not have to break out my poor Nepali language skills! Since the Earthquake of 2015, the tourism industry there has decreased drastically so they value any tourists coming to Nepal to help with their economy. Keep on reading below if you’re considering or want to know more about visiting Nepal!

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