Dim Sum for Beginners | Dai Pai Dong

Since we moved to Abu Dhabi, I have been missing authentic Cantonese cuisine. Most of all, dim-sum time, mainly for the desserts! If you are not familiar with dim-sum, it is usually only offered during breakfast and lunch time and features small bites of steamed foods like dumplings, noodles, meats and buns. It is served family-style in steamer baskets and enjoyed best with of course, tea.  Read on to learn about Dim Sum for beginners.

A Guide to Dim-Sum (also known as Yum-Cha)

Dim Sum – translates to literal meaning of ‘Small Point’ but it really means Touch the Heart. “Yum-Cha” meaning Drink Tea. Tea is paired with dim sum dishes to aid with digestion and enhance relaxation.
Once they begin seating you in a dim-sum restaurant, they will ask you what type of tea you would like.

Teapot at Dai Pai Dong

Here are the most well-known types of Teas you could pair with your dimsum:
(1) “Bo-Lay” – Pu Erh Black Tea
(2) “Gook-Fa” – Chrysanthemum Tea
(3) “Wu-Long” – OOlong Tea
(4) “Mut Lei” – Jasmine Tea

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Business Class Review | Etihad Airways

I have been super blessed to be able to fly business class my 3rd time now (thanks to my hubby). I had the chance to fly Air Canada, British Airways and my most recent flight on Etihad. This review is based only on business class Etihad – going over details on the on-board welcome, the food, the entertainment, the seat features, landing service and price.

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