5 Common Pitfalls for a First Time Expat

When you first decide to become an expat, it means to leave your home country and embark on a new journey.  One point of view is “Great! I’m really excited for the new adventure!” but more of us start to think about the things we have to do and take care of before we leave.  It’s nowhere near as easy as going on a 2-week vacation and pack your bathing suit with a bottle of sunscreen (maybe two bottles) and you’re good to go.  There must be a thousand thoughts going through your head, especially if you’re a first time expat.  When I decided to move to the UAE, I had to figure out what to do with my property, my car, my dog, and the list goes on.  But instead of listing out all the things (I will write about that in another post) that you need to check off, I want to share 5 common pitfalls of a first time expat and how you can avoid them to ease your transition.

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How I got Free 3 Night Stay – Orlando, Florida

It’s true that I got myself a free 3 night stay in Orlando, Florida! My husband and I got to enjoy out time in Disneyland and Universal Studios :D. However, this ‘free’ stay did cost us our time at a timeshare presentation.


Before booking my timeshare presentation I had to read countless reviews on other people’s experience on the particular timeshare company. Many of them were not so pleasant so I was super skeptical!

I looked through many sites before booking the one I wanted to go with. I tried getawaydealz as well as orlandotouristinformationbureau.com. The reason I went with OTIB was because they had CSC centre that was easy to reach and their rep was very friendly who answered all my questions.
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