Enjoy 20% off | WildFirez Grill

Wildfirez Grill, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Last week I was invited to a #dinewithmahiblog organized event at Wildfirez Grill. Wildfirez Grill opened approximately 8 months ago by Sary, the owner. Coming from Texas USA, he has brought UAE an authentic American-chicken dining experience you would not want to miss!

The Food 

I started off sampling the Wildfirez Grill with (of course) chicken. The buffalo wings was what I enjoyed the most. Cooked in flavorful sauces, chicken wings are perfect for apps or mains! They have 5 main sauces for chicken – Hot Fire, Buffalo (my favorite), House BBQ, Sweet and Spicy BBQ and Tandoori. Another great highlight was their Monterrey Flame Grilled Chicken Breast. It came on a sizzling hot plate topped with ranch, sour creme, and pico mix. Lastly I would recommend ordering their baked mac and cheese. The cheese was so good! This could be ordered as a side item or as part of a kids menu. It’s baked perfectly on top with gooey cheesy goodness inside.

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Its Time for a Mid-Week Night Brunch when… | Bistro

Bistro at Courtyard Marriott,  Abu Dhabi, UAE

Last Tuesday I was invited to enjoy brunch at the Bistro at Courtyard Marriott in Abu Dhabi. Usually Brunch takes place during the day time (hence breakfast-lunch) and on a weekend so that you could enjoy freely to your hearts content. But WHY limit ourselves to just the weekend?!

Mid-Week Night Brunch

Courtyard Marriott introduced their mid-week night brunch – from 7pm -11pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Here are 5 solid reasons you need to say YES to a midweek night brunch:

(1) You worked ALL day. Its time to go relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!
(2) You are hungry! Whether you skipped lunch or had a mediocre one from the cafeteria, you worked up an appetite for the all you can eat buffet.
(3) You don’t know what to eat for dinner. Brunch is perfect for the indecisive, with an extensive international menu, it can satisfy any hungry foodie.
(4) No after-work plans. Brunch is a perfect after-work social. Everyone will be looking for a place to eat, why not go together after work. The Bistro can accommodate parties of any size.
(5) You are cost-conscious. Mid-week night brunch is priced at just 99dhs pp for an all you can eat experience! If you have Entertainer, they currently have a Buy 1 Get 1 offer as well.

If you said YES to any of the above, its time to book your table at the next mid-week night brunch at Courtyard Marriott.  Continue reading below on my favorite highlights at the Bistro.

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10 Reasons You Need Matcha Green Tea in Your Life | Fairways

Fairways Restaurant, Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Fairways Restaurant offers an international buffet ranging from Italian, Indian, Arabian, Chinese and more! Their main highlights are their fish bar which offers different types of smoked fish, their pasta section and the large dessert bar with, of course, ice cream! I have finally found a place in Abu Dhabi that offers unlimited green tea ice cream as part of the dessert offerings!  Please leave me a comment below if you know of any other buffets with green tea desserts!

Living in Abu Dhabi now, its been a real struggle to find some of my favorite foods. Particularly green tea matcha desserts.

Here are 10 amazing benefits to why you need matcha green tea in your life too:

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