3 Days in Prague – Itinerary & Tips

3 Days in Prague

A beautiful city with a mix of historical buildings dating back to the medieval times and modern landmarks that bring the city to life at night.  It was never on my list as a must-go destination but to be honest, I am so happy I got to visit the Bohemian gem.  I found a great deal that had a 3-day layover from Toronto to Hong Kong back in 2014 and took advantage to see the Czech capital.  After I booked my ticket, I started researching online on the must-sees and must-eats.  After hours, I came up with my own itinerary for 3 days in Prague, which is hopefully helpful for you as well.  If you’re looking for an itinerary that is not too packed but still enough to see the different things the city has to offer, look no further – just read on!

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A real social networking tool to meet people


There is one tool that I used when I relocated to Hong Kong and I use it today since I moved to the UAE.  There are other ways to socialize and meet people but I find that this one is easy to use and it gives you a broad spectrum of meeting people with similar interests, goals, or experiences.

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Dim Sum for Beginners | Dai Pai Dong

Since we moved to Abu Dhabi, I have been missing authentic Cantonese cuisine. Most of all, dim-sum time, mainly for the desserts! If you are not familiar with dim-sum, it is usually only offered during breakfast and lunch time and features small bites of steamed foods like dumplings, noodles, meats and buns. It is served family-style in steamer baskets and enjoyed best with of course, tea.  Read on to learn about Dim Sum for beginners.

A Guide to Dim-Sum (also known as Yum-Cha)

Dim Sum – translates to literal meaning of ‘Small Point’ but it really means Touch the Heart. “Yum-Cha” meaning Drink Tea. Tea is paired with dim sum dishes to aid with digestion and enhance relaxation.
Once they begin seating you in a dim-sum restaurant, they will ask you what type of tea you would like.

Teapot at Dai Pai Dong

Here are the most well-known types of Teas you could pair with your dimsum:
(1) “Bo-Lay” – Pu Erh Black Tea
(2) “Gook-Fa” – Chrysanthemum Tea
(3) “Wu-Long” – OOlong Tea
(4) “Mut Lei” – Jasmine Tea

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