Full Day Itinerary in Al Ain | United Arab Emirates

We spent a full day in Al Ain earlier this fall while we were hosting friends from abroad. Rated highly on TripAdvisor, we decided to take the 2-hour drive from downtown Abu Dhabi to Al Ain to see a new part of UAE and learn more about UAE culture. Read on further for my suggested full day itinerary of Al Ain.

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Wadi Asimah | Ras Al Khaimah

Camping in Wadi Asimah, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

What to Expect

We went camping over the September Eid holiday for (1) night in Wadi Asimah. Our adventure with friends started from Abu Dhabi, UAE. On the way, during the 3 hour drive, you will see scarce deserts with wild camels, to the rocky mountains with goats, sheep and donkeys. The temperature during September was still extremely hot. Wadi Asimah has an elevation of not more than 200m above sea level so you can expect it to be a tiny bit cooler than the city. When we arrived there around 4pm it was around 40 degrees Celsius (vs 45 degrees in the city) and got cooler as the time passed – was sitting at a perfect 30 degrees throughout the night with a small breeze. Our camping spot was in the shade so it did not feel too hot. We were able to take a small climb up the mountains to view the sunset. You can expect to see several cars pass by throughout the day – some of them being other campers, locals and farmers. Around the area is home to dozens of farms. Mostly agricultural and animal farms. The farmers and locals here are super friendly, we had one man who toured us around his farm and climbed up his date tree to give us some fresh hand picked dates.

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