Petra, a Wonder of the World | Jordan

If you love history, and seeing remarkable preserved structures and monuments, you must go to Petra, Jordan! My friends and I went on a long weekend adventure to see one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.  UNESCO describes Petra as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”. Read on further on my suggested 5-day itinerary to see Petra and Jordan’s must-see surroundings.  

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Sake Tasting | SushiSan

Sake Tasting, SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi 

How much do you know about Sake? I’ve drank this before on several occasions, even in Tokyo, Japan. However, going to this Sake Tasting at SushiSan with a sake expert from African Eastern, I learned about this type of rice wine more than ever. In this class you will not only taste several different sakes but also get to know the distinct flavors and characteristics of each product.

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Experience Bucharest | Romania

4 Days in Bucharest

Take a city break in beautiful Bucharest, an amazingly affordable European city for fresh nature, blended architecture and rich history. During my time there, I partook in so many activities to see the hidden gems and taste authentic local foods to put together the best itinerary for you! Continue reading below on my suggested 4 day trip to experience Bucharest! #experiencebucharest

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