Reasons to opt for Family-Style Dining at your next Meal

Growing up in a Chinese household,  I had family-style dining almost every-day of my life. I never realized what it has taught me until a couple weeks ago, my sister and mother came to visit me in U.A.E.. We went to Rosso’s Italian Restaurant at Amwaj Rotana Hotel where we stayed in Dubai.

Here are reasons why we should opt for family-style dining more often:

  1. Improves Social Skills like Sharing – I was lucky enough to learn this at an early age growing up with an older sister. By practicing family-style dining even families with an only-child can learn this skill just at their dinner table or local restaurant.
  2. Creates Conversation and Builds Relationships – This is particularly true when guests are deciding what to order. Conversation is a must and you get to learn about each other preferences. I found out my mom loves truffles!
  3. Encourages interaction – In this society where interaction during meals is becoming less and less due to our phones (i’m guilty!), this is a key benefit in family-style dining. It forces all the guests to provide all their focus to the meal. Chinese people love to serve each other so it is the most polite to be present during the meal and express your gratitude and serve back when this happens.
  4. Can Eat All at the Same Time – I hate those awkward moments when my friend’s food has arrived and I am just sitting there awkward waiting for mine. With family style dining, we can begin all at the same time once the first dish arrives!
  5. Able to Taste more Things – I love to try anything once but at times I only really wanted was a bite.
  6. Portions according to their own preference –  I feel so guilty when I cannot finish the food on my plate at coursed dinners. Family style sharing allows me to just get what is enough for myself and leave the rest for the other guests.
  7. Unites the Family – with family-style dining it reminds us of the family gatherings like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, etc. It unites us together, reminds us of good memories and gives us new ones.

Read on further for my recommendations on the best family-sharing dishes at Rosso:

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Do you do these things during hotel Check-in?

Recently I stayed in Dubai at Amwaj Rotana. Let me know in the comments below if you can totally relate to my check-in experience!

10 Things to do when you Check-In to a Hotel:

  1. Shoes Off or On?! From a Chinese family I am always accustomed to taking my shoes off and putting on my slippers! Whee, branded Rotana slippers, I’m going take them home.. is that a crime?!
  2. Claim a side of the bed! I dibs it by putting my purse on it! Shall I jump on it?! no no.. I am an adult… maybe later when no ones around. 
  3. Check Out the View! Woo huge balcony!
  4. Scout through the hotel room products. Look through the Price-List. Wow look at all the free goodies! They have something called Vegetable Soap!!
  5. Determine where all the outlets are in the room. Good thing I have my trusty travel adapter. 
  6. Go Channel Surfing! Rotana has personalized TV dashboard with my name on it! 
  7. Look through all the drawers and closets, you never know what you find! (I’m just kidding I haven’t found anything ever) I love to use the safe to store my passport.
  8. Look through the provided booklets for the hotel amenities. I hope I brought my bathing suit.. steam room, sauna, jaccuzi, pool, OK ill have to make a day out of it. 
  9. Take off your clothes.  Some people love to lounge around in their underwear but I love to take a shower and wear the hotel branded bath robes! Now I feel fancy. 
  10. Take a nap. Maybe just a power nap… zzz
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Recipe to the Best Momos & Where to Eat Ostrich

Momos are one of the staple foods you can find in Nepal. Many Nepali families love to prepare these at home for their families, but you can also find them easily in restaurants and street-stands. Momo is a type of dumpling, most commonly used in South Asia. I find them to be bigger in size compared to the Chinese dumplings (jiaozi). They also love to serve momo’s in Nepal with a spicy tomato-based sauce. When I was staying with my host family in Nepal, we made more than 300 momos! Here is the recipe to make the best local momos & their special momo sauce!

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