Matcha and Mochi Afternoon Tea | SushiSan

Matcha & Mochi, SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi 

You know how much I love my Matcha! I was estatic to hear that SushiSan now offers a Matcha and Mochi Afternoon Tea experience to their guests.

If you’re a follower of my blog I am sure you know what Matcha is! But are you familiar with Mochi? It is a Japanese rice cake – steamed, covered in flour and often filled with amazing goodness! I’ve often enjoyed mine with a sesame paste, strawberry paste or a lotus red bean paste. If you have not yet enjoyed mochi in your life, all the more reason to head over to SushiSan for an afternoon tea Matcha and Mochi experience.

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Smoking Vibes | Traders Hotel

Afyä, Traders Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

Traders Hotel has a whole new outdoor BBQ concept available every Friday at the Afya Restaurant. Guests indulge in an expansive dinner buffet with live kitchens, dessert stations and unwind by the beach with drinks and games. Bring the whole family! Read on further for my experience at their Friday Smoking Vibes BBQ.

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Sake Tasting | SushiSan

Sake Tasting, SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi 

How much do you know about Sake? I’ve drank this before on several occasions, even in Tokyo, Japan. However, going to this Sake Tasting at SushiSan with a sake expert from African Eastern, I learned about this type of rice wine more than ever. In this class you will not only taste several different sakes but also get to know the distinct flavors and characteristics of each product.

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