12 Must-Try Restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon

Restaurant Guide to Beirut, Lebanon

With the help of some local friends I compiled a list of their favorite restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon. I got the opportunity to visit a few of them during my trip and boy was I impressed! Of course Beirut houses the best Lebanese restaurants but did you know they also specialize in a variety of different cuisines from French to Japanese?! Check out the top 12 below:

  1. El Denye Hek (Marmkhayel Area) – Lebanese
  1. Café Hamra – Lebanese & International
  1. Le Petit Gris (Achrafieh Area) – French Cuisine
  1. Taqueria Del Jefe (Gemmayze Area) – Mexican Cuisine
  1. Steak Bar Sushi (Naccache Area) – French/Japanese Cuisine
  1. Batchig or Mayrig – Arrmenian Lebanese Cuisine
  1. Villa Badaro (Badaro Ara) – Coffee Shop/Cocktail Bar
  1. Sud Restobar *Marmkhayel) – International Lunch & Dinner
  1. La Petite Table (Dbayeh Area)- International Breakfast
  1. Feridianands (Hamra Area) – American Cuisine
  1. Appetito Trattoria (Hamra) – Italian Cuisine
  1. T Marbouta – Lebanese Cuisine

Have you been lucky enough to try out any of them? I know I will be back or more!

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